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The Kick Felt Around The BBQ World

July 4, 1985 dawned clear and hot. The temperature that day was a seasonal eighty degrees. Joe Traeger was preparing the family's Fourth of July get-together of barbecued chicken, cooked on Joe's new gas grill.

But the eager anticipation of Joe's clan turned to utter despair when the chicken on the grill caught fire and burnt to a crisp. In frustration, Joe kicked the grill off the deck. It rolled down the hill, where it lays rusting to this day.

Applying Traeger's wood pellet technology, Joe fashioned the first wood pellet barbecue-the grill that would revolutionize the barbecue industry.

Now, more than twenty years later, the Traeger Wood Pellet Grill is being used around the world by outdoor cooks who've "Tasted the Difference" and switched to our unique handcrafted grills. The Traeger grill has freed families from gas flare-ups, messy charcoal and ruined meals. Here's your invitation to join tens of thousands of cooking enthusiasts and "Taste the Difference" cooking on a Traeger.

The Traeger family has lon been know for its love of football. So imagine our joy when we discovered that Super Bowl star and football legend Terry Bradshaw was a huge barbecue fan.

Terry has graciously consented to act as our national spokesperson to help us spread the good news about Traeger Wood Pellet Grills. Terry says "When it comes to great barbecue, nothing beats a Traeger!"

We're proud to have the Brandsaw's join our family as we pass along the great North American traditions of FOOTBALL and BARBECUE!

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